Ikarus Activities

  • Trips to Failaka
  • Group booking and event
  • One hour day trips
  • Short trips and cruises
  • Private trips at passenger requests



Limousines are used for short trips for 15_30 minutes or from one hour to two hours .They are well-known for a simple, relaxing cruise on the water. Its fixed with an out board engine and can be used specially in marinas and lakes.

  • Short Trips and cruises
  • Safety and security equipment

Seats up to 15 passengers. They offer smooth ride with enough room for you and all you friends.

Ikarus is distinguished by a variety of yachts, their sizes and decorations that suit the public taste and privates taste to maintain the privacy of customers and to provide them with comfort to them.

Ikarus runs a varity of activities including Trips to failaka, Group booking event, one hour and one day trip, short trips and cruises, private trips at passenger requests, Ships to transport goods, ships serving different companies and sectors to transfer their employees to any island or port, Transport to all Kuwait Islands which have the highest level of security and safety to maintain the safety of passengers in the first place

Vessel Name Length GRT PAX
Limousine VIP 8.6 m 5.48 16
Limousine VIP 2 8.6 m 5.48 15
Limousine VIP 3 8.6 m 5.48 15
Limousine VIP 4 8.8 m 5.48 15