• Reserving tickets for trips on coast
  • Reserving tickets for marine games
  • Booking events and activities


Ikarus Crescent Service

Our reservations office provides customers with the opportunity to book a variety of events to entertain adults and children alike.

There is a special section for events, fully equipped in all respects of the dec-orations / balloons / roses / candles / buffets and providing various halls to match all tastes.

Organizing birthdays, weddings, graduations, Ramadan Ghadge, feast recep-tion, pilgrimage reception, or any special occasions at the highest level of el-egance depending on total privacy.

  • Halls for social gathering and cultural seminars
  • Organizing and planning events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations
  • Large children’s playing area
  • Trips to Failaka
  • Special sections and halls dedicated to events
  • equipped with all the necessary decorations e.g., balloons, candles, roses, buffet tables.
  • children's activities such as competitions and the presence of entertaining cartoon characters